How to Translate Scanned PDF with OCR Online

    How to Translate Scanned PDF with OCR Online

    At the point when you scan a paper using the scanner or other electronic scanning device, the entire content will be caught as a picture. So when you save it as a PDF document, there’s no content but except just a picture embedded in the PDF document. A scanner doesn’t perceive the personality of each word when it makes the scanned picture. To convert scanned PDF documents into plain content, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) programming is needed to analyze the picture of each character and match it to an electronic character-based document. In simple words, translating a scanned PDF file is not a simple task. A translator with the OCR feature is required to translate your scanned PDF file.

    What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

    The OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is a process of electronically or mechanically converting a scanned picture of typed, handwritten, or printed text into machine-encoded text. OCR technology handles the issue of recognizing all types of various characters. Both printed and handwritten text can be converted into digital data and machine-readable format.  

    Now translating any scanned PDF file is an easy and less time-consuming process if you have a reliable online PDF translation tool like PDF Translator. If you are searching for a translator to translate your scanned PDF then PDF Translator is the perfect option for you. PDF Translator is an online scanned PDF translation tool that includes an Optical Character Recognition feature. The main important thing about the PDF Translator is that it offers a high-quality outcome without damaging the original layout of your PDF file.

    PDF Translator includes online OCR

    PDF Translator has an inbuilt OCR feature that will assist you to translate your scanned PDF file without any issue. PDF Translator is an online PDF translation tool that allows you to translate scanned PDF files from one language to another language. You will be happy to know that you don’t need to spend money to translate your scanned PDF file. As a free online tool, PDF Translator offers high-quality outcomes without any charges. Now you can translate your scanned PDF file by following these simple steps:

    • Visit PDF
    • Open the “Translate Your PDF” page
    • Upload or Drag and Drop your scanned PDF file
    • Select the source language and target language
    • Please click the “Translate” button
    • OCR will be activate to recognize the text
    • After the online OCR process, PDF Translator translate from source language to target language
    • Wait for a moment
    • You will get a pop-up
    • Download your translated PDF file

    This online tool supports more than 100 languages such as English, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, German, Urdu, French, Standard Arabic, Standard German, Gujarat, Malayalam, Myanmar, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Urdu, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, and more. Use this effective and reliable online PDF translator to translate numbers of the scanned PDF files from one language to another language.